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Software Development

Our strength is that we worked with many tehcnologies for short perod of time so if you need a solution of a problem, we would be able to find the best one. We are new on the marked and don't have many released projects, so you can negotiate about the price. Our developers prefer freedom, because when you have freedom, you can work and think better, you can produce better products.


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Software Development

Web, Desktop and Mobile Development. Software architecture, optimisation, automated testing, components development, bugfixing, servers management and much more...

People mentoring

Teaching of new staff, preparation of learning materials and documentation. Tasks and tickets management, low-level project management and much more...

CMS deployment

Deployment, configuration and development of components for CMS systems. Preparation for production ussage, users management, testing, security and much more...


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Tanyo Ivanov | Jan 12, 2020

Branding renewed

Our branding, website and logo now is renewed and we are available to take new projects. Please use the contact section to learn more, send us an email or call us.

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